Unfinished Basement Decorating Ideas

There are various unfinished basement decorating ideas along with useful tips to get it done correctly for better basement concept. The most important thing to pay attention at the very first time you decide to transform your basement into a better place is the leaking and dampness problems if there is any in particular. Once you are sure that those problems do not exist then go on to the basement renovations.

Another useful tip of the unfinished basement decorating ideas that often surprised people is to paint the ceiling in dark color if you have low ceiling in your basement. It is true that the use of white in small or narrow space could add a bigger space accent but darker colors for the ceiling and even walls could give a higher and broader effect. Sophisticated and cozy atmosphere could also be obtained from darker colors in your basement that will be useful if you plan to build a home theater in it.

More tips in dealing with low ceiling basement ideas are to install recessed pot lights in within the interval of four-foot. The recess right between the lights will add more heights illusion to your basement. If you are low on budget or just want to your pocket you can paint the dated paneling of your basement as long as it is in a good condition as the coloring part of the unfinished basement ideas.

14 Photos of the Unfinished Basement Decorating Ideas