Stunning Outdoor Patio Umbrellas Collection

When the sun is blazing, there is nothing better to do than whip out your favourite book and relax on a recliner with the warm breeze dancing through your hair under cozy outdoor patio umbrellas. Though, there is nothing worse than feeling the wrath of the sun the next day, especially if you’re giving a presentation at work with a beetroot-colored face. To protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, invest in outdoor patio umbrellas. If you’re already kitted out with shade from a nearby tree, purchase a large patio umbrella to simply enhance your outdoor space. There are a variety of patio umbrella types to suit everyone’s needs.

Most commonly used is the center pole, which has the umbrella supported by a pole in the center, offering plenty of shade as the umbrella stretches over large distances. If you are hoping to block out the sun, the crank and tilt has hinged poles which allows you to tilt the umbrella to the desired angle of shading. This is wonderful for a group, as some can enjoy the shade, whereas others have the choice of basking in the sun. More suitable to large outdoor areas with dining table sets is the cantilever, which has a canopy that hangs to the side of its frame. To shade the whole family opt for the pavilion, a large square structure, supported at every corner. This is perfect for a gathering of friends and family, hosting a party, or even for a wedding reception if the sun holds out.

35 Photos of the Stunning Outdoor Patio Umbrellas Collection