Storage Cabinets for Small Bathrooms

While you may wish to have larger bathrooms, the reality may be different. You should therefore learn to work with what you have. The best way to enhance the space within your bathroom is to have the right bathroom cabinets and storage areas.

So, how do you go about installing small bathroom storage cabinets?

Move upwards : Take stock of your walls and ceiling. How high can you go? : Many times homeowners tend to forget the vertical space they have in search of horizontal space that does not exist.If you have high ceilings in your small bathroom, take advantage of them. Ensure that the bathroom storage cabinets are narrower to allow for as much space as possible with the bathroom. Simply install those storage cabinets for vertical spaces and you will be fine.

Sliding doors : The doors that you install on your bathroom storage cabinets should be sliding ones. Such doors open horizontally instead of forming an arc. For that reason, they consume minimal space even in the smallest of bathrooms. When not in use, the sliding doors for storage cabinets can simply be pushed to their original position to keep the cabinets covered.

Dark colors : Storage cabinets in small bathrooms should be dark colored. Dark colors are receding colors. They help create the illusion of space and distance. Cabinets that have such colors will therefore help enhance the feeling of space, even in a small bathroom. This effect will help you avoid feeling claustrophobic.

24 Photos of the Storage Cabinets for Small Bathrooms