Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Tips

Remodeling your small bathroom can enhance its comfort and functionality. If you are looking for small bathroom remodel ideas, the first step should be to replace your large cabinets, toilet, vanity and bathtub with smaller ones. This will help to free up plenty of space to allow you to include other functional items in your small bathroom remodel project.

If you have a combined bathroom and shower, it is time to change it. Bathtubs tend to take up a lot of space. Walk-in showers are ideal for small spaces. This kind of shower will use up less space compared to a bathtub. You can save even more space by installing it in one of the corners in the room. A walk-in shower helps you create a practical and uncluttered layout.

Install open shelves on your bathroom walls. These storage options work better than wide cabinets and standing shelves in small bathrooms. The open shelves will come in handy for storing your linens. You can also use them to display decorative items. The shelves can hold boxes and baskets used to store bath products.

Lighting is another crucial element to consider when you remodel small bathroom. Proper lighting will help to open up the space. Hanging lamps and recessed lighting are ideal in this case. Combine lighting with mirrors to make the area seem even larger. Install a mirror on your longest wall. Mirrors work particularly well when placed above sinks. You should also consider installing large windows and skylights to bring in additional natural light.

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