Painted Concrete Floor Cleaning Tips

Many people have always thought that cleaning painted concrete floors is not an easy task. However, this is not the case. Cleaning your painted concrete floor can be very easy particularly if you are endowed with enough tips to use while cleaning. Important to note is the fact that cleaning your painted concrete floor is just done in the similar way just like other floors are cleaned. Nevertheless, prior to painting, it is prudent to take lots of caution especially when using any chemicals as well as cleaning solutions.

Therefore, if you want your painted concrete floor to resemble a new one, the following are some of the glaring cleaning tips that you need to follow.

1. Ensure that you sweep your floor thoroughly in order to gather any larger debris and/or dust on the floor. It is evident that a lot of dust normally settles on the floor corners or edges. Take caution and ensure that they are cleaned.

2. Use a dust mop in order to gather any left behind dust. Do this keenly just to see to it that all dusts are removed.

3. Use an all-purpose cleaner in a bucket filled with warm water. Caution is given to the cleaner not to use cleaners with vinegar and ammonia as they are known for damaging the floor sealant hence eroding the paints.

4. Finally, you can start mopping the floor, but handling a square section – which is always recommended to be four square feet. This should be maintained until the entire area is done.

5. You can then allow your painted concrete floor to dry up.

Painted concrete floor is a brilliant ideas to make your home flooring architecture looks more stunning as well as to maintain the durability offer by it.Hence, we as home interior decoration lover hope you like our tips in cleaning painted concrete flooring as above.

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