Different Types of Radiant Floor Heating

Are you considering including radiant floor heating system in your home? This is a wise decision, especially if you live in a place where the climate is cold. Radiant floor heating brings several benefits, for example, better energy efficiency, quietness, and improved air quality.

There are two main types of radiant floor heating namely hydronic and electric floor heating. The electric heating system involves special electric cables installed in the floor. Since the cables are spread evenly in the floor, the heating is effective and balanced. Some of the advantages of this system include simple installation process, possibility of timing the heating, and minimal labor costs.

For hydronic radiant floor heating, water is the heating medium. This structure is ideal for homes that need heated rooms throughout the year. It is also suitable for homes that already have a water heater. Homes with hydronic radiant floor heating systems provide constant warmth for a longer time. Since the home structure holds the heat, this system can be more energy efficient than the electric alternative. With the ducts concealed underneath, the hydronic structure, the heating ducts are invisible and therefore not an eyesore. Compared to the electric radiant floor heating system, this system is more complex and more labor-intensive. Homeowners who need to turn the radiant floor heating system on and off often may not find the hydronic system desirable.

If cost is the only consideration, the electric system is better than the hydronic system. According to experts, the electric system can be about 60 percent more affordable. However, this is only if the home does not have a heat source. Over time, the hydronic radiant floor heating system is the more cost effective. Hydronic and electric radiant floor heating structures are different and have their own pros and cons. Whichever you choose you will enjoy the extra comfort needed during the cold season.

13 Photos of the Different Types of Radiant Floor Heating