Best Polished Concrete Floors Pattern and Ideas

A polished concrete floor is no doubt the best type of flooring options that anyone can choose. It however become a major concern after it starts to loose its real color and appearance. This article is targeted at giving you the best advice on ways to get your concrete floor polished and keep it natural.

The standard concrete polishing process is of course the GRIND and SEAL method. Here, the surface of the concrete is ground to a certain level depending on the roughness, and is patched up to fill any crack or hole that might be left in it. After this is the application of gloss surface coating.

Another step is the diamond process which can take so much time if properly done. It involves so many steps much more than the standard process. While using this process, a densifier is applied to the surface of the concrete to harden it and allow for proper polishing. Also, a coarse grit polishing disk may be used to get the desired polishing for your floor. Grit polishing is also very effective in removing stubborn stains and rough areas on the surface of the concrete.

Some people have put the total cost of money to polish a concrete floor at about $2 to $6 for a square foot, giving it a better appearance and physical acceptability. In order to have a very good concrete floor, it is very important to keep to the maintenance advice of your concrete contractor.

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