Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Design Ideas

If you are working on a small size bathroom, it is very important to have full focus on the design concepts which will either give more space or set up more space illusion. The best and the common way to do this is by making us of bathroom vanity mirrors, bathroom mirrors and as well as bathroom mirrors with lights. When the suitable spacing and sizes techniques are applied, then there is tendency for you to have a small bathroom that can serve as bigger one.

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

One of the popular ways to maximize a small bathroom is to install bathroom vanity mirrors but ensure you choose bathroom vanity mirrors that have much storage space including drawers. This will enable you to displace towel racks from the walls or better still fix them inside the doors or keep the towels in one of the drawers.

Bathroom Mirrors

Truly, you cannot use bathroom mirrors to set up more space but can only use them to set up lots of space illusion. If the proper mirrors are used, they will add depth, length and width to the small bathroom you are designing.

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

Proper bathroom mirrors with lights can be created with light fixtures, windows or even the two. Ensure that no matter the light options you make as your choice, all the corners of your bathroom must be properly lit because dark corners can make your bathroom look smaller.

21 Photos of the Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Design Ideas