Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Ideas and Design

Bathroom lighting is one of a houses lighting that is more often than not overlooked with many home owners opting for very dull lighting that does not excite the bathrooms ambiance at all. They usually opt to invest their finances in other rooms such as the living room or bedrooms saying that the bathrooms does not need a lot of investment. They are of the thought that a single light bulb should suffice for lighting purposes. This traditional way of bathroom lighting however does not bring out the best in bathrooms. More and more people spend more time in bathrooms making it important to put a lot of thought and investment into modern bathroom light fixtures that will turn your bathroom into a suitable area for you to enjoy your extended bath time in a bubble bath or a Jacuzzi. Below are tips to improve your modern bathroom lighting.

Invest in good vanity lights: instead of just having a single light bulb to provide light for the whole bathroom, you should also consider investing in quality vanity lights in the bathroom. Good vanity lights are ones that are placed besides the bathroom mirror so that it does not cast any shadows when one is grooming themselves.

Chose the right light bulbs: use of the correct bathroom light fixtures coupled with the correct light bulbs will be essential if one intends to achieve the best lighting for their bathrooms. Halogen light bulbs are most suitable for bathroom lighting. This is because they provide crisp white lighting that tends to render skin tones most accurately.

Ambient lighting: this is light that supplements the natural light. This is usually achieved using a central light fixture in the middle of the bathroom. However, this light can be made more interesting by investing in bathroom chandelier that will bring out the best in the bathrooms d├ęcor and provide enough lighting.

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